The chapter house seeks to provide the essentials for every one of our members. Washers and Dryers, Cable, Deck and Balcony, Wifi, Entertainment Center, and more are all included.




You will notice we have a parking lot, and with that many spots. However, for any incoming freshman it will be rare for many to receive a spot. This is because our parking works through seniority and the payment of a pass per semester. We are one of the few houses that even have the luxury because of our large parking availability. We only charge a small fee for parking, compared to the more expensive university options.




We are the only house on campus to have Hy-Vee Catering for our meals. For out-of-staters that do not know of Hy-Vee, this is a grocery store chain with an attached food court and catering. We can personally vouch for it’s quality, and we’re extremely glad to be able to have this as our dining option. For more information about exactly how our greek dining works, please feel free to ask on a chapter house tour or when speaking to a chairman.


To find out more about some of the catering options and meals available, please go to





Living at the chapter house is cheaper than university housing. That is something we won’t change, and it will be even more affordable as university pricing increases. As a plus side, semesterly dues plus all amenities including food is already included in your bill.


Living out


“Live-out” members will just pay a flat due per semester. For specific pricing, payment plan options, and what exactly our chapter dues go towards please contact our recruitment chairman, president, or feel free to ask during your tour.

Theta Xi

1535 R St.
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