Alumni Association and Events

Membership in Theta Xi Fraternity is a commitment that lasts beyond your associate member period and your undergraduate experience. Theta Xi is a life-time endeavor. Over 65,000 men have taken our Fraternity’s oath since 1864. In doing so, each brother commits himself to support his fellow brothers now and throughout each others lives.

Over the years many have stated their belief in the value of fraternities. This belief, based as it is on the personal experiences of the individual, can be held for a variety of reasons. There is, however, a common and overriding theme universal to all fraternities: a search for brotherhood. The degree to which brotherhood has developed varies from chapter to chapter throughout the entire fraternity system. Our shared goal is to develop “the brotherhood” among members.

This concept refers to our ability to accept other without reference to financial or social status, race, religion, ethnicity, physical ability or political belief. We also seek to offer friendship when friendship is needed, and to assist others in realizing their full potential in life. You as an alumni have the ability to become part of the alumni association, participate in alumni activities, and look after the interests of the chapter.

The Alumni Association serves as a property-owning corporation and advisory board for our active chapter. This includes Alumni social events to maintain connection with your brothers. You also can be engaged as Delegates to the Grand Lodge, national committee members, Directors and officers of the Grand Lodge, and Trustees of the Theta Xi Foundation. Giving continuing support to Theta Xi in energy and resources is the greatest gift you as alumni can offer. Bridging the division between the generations instills student members with understanding of and pride in the spirit of Theta Xi.


6294 Founding Celebration Banquet

April  2018 date to be released soon

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