Associate Member Program

The period of associate membership is the beginning of your quest for Theta Xi. As an associate member, you will be taught the ideals and traditions of our Fraternity before becoming qualified for full membership. Thus, the associate member period is really a period of orientation and education. Although your status as an individual changes as you voluntarily take on new responsibilities by joining a group, you will have also opened the door to many new opportunities. The Fraternity dedicates itself to the benefit of its members, and prohibits unproductive activities such as hazing, believing them to be contrary to our belief in brotherhood. There will be many opportunities to prove that you realize the primary purpose of college is to obtain an education. You will also have numerous chances to demonstrate that you can get along well with other people, working in friendship and harmony. You can take advantage of multiple opportunities to develop, improve and utilize your leadership skills within the chapter and in your campus community. Living cooperatively in a fraternity environment is better than any course in human relations. You can alter the destiny of our Fraternity. As a member you are responsible for advancing the high ideals of the Fraternity within your chapter, college, community and country. You are the lifeblood of the Fraternity. Only through your efforts, combined with the efforts of all other members, can our Fraternity continue to grow and prosper. Fraternity membership can also assist in your own personal development. You remain an individual within a group. Only you can make the decisions concerning your future. Theta Xi assists in providing you with the experience, knowledge, and maturity needed for you to work at charting your life — your way. You will be asked to give much to the Fraternity and its many endeavors. However, the benefits returned to you will greatly exceed your contribution. Lessons learned from your Theta Xi experience will remain a valuable resource throughout your lifetime. That is why so many Brothers work diligently, without regret or material compensation, toward the betterment of Theta Xi Fraternity.


Associate members are introduced to the responsibilities of membership in Theta Xi Fraternity through a program entitled Alpha Nine. The program derives its title from Edward H. Morrison, Alpha 9, the first newly-initiated member of the Fraternity following its establishment by our eight Founders in 1864. The essence of the program is that every member, whether an associate member or an initiated member, is regarded and treated with the same respect and dignity. The educational process is enhanced through an effective “Big Brother” program in which each new member is assigned an older chapter member, preferably an upperclassman, who assumes the role of advisor and confidant for the associate member. In Alpha Nine, the distinctions between an associate member and an initiated member are that an associate member does not have knowledge of the Ritual of Theta Xi, nor can he vote at chapter meetings. There are no unique member duties; these are replaced by chapter duties assigned to all individuals, irrespective of member status. In all group activities, chapter unity is stressed rather than associate member unity. Associate members are included on chapter committees and have a voice in chapter affairs, although they cannot vote in chapter meetings.

Theta Xi values in addition to making plans for the community service project. Includes recreation, discussion, and bonding. Community Service projects that bring all brothers and AMs together for the purpose of helping the community are among the most valuable bonding and learning experiences for Fraternity members. A service project organized by the AMs (with help from the brothers) serves as an integral part of a well-organized and fulfilling AM education program.

Big Brother’s Role and Responsibilities

Each Associate Member is assigned a Big Brother from the chapter, preferably an upperclassman. The Big/Little relationship is a personal one. The former is neither a preacher nor master, but instead, assumes the role of advisor, guide, confidant, and mentor. It is a relationship that will last for life. Where used properly, this system strengthens the chapter’s willingness to assume responsibility for others and makes for congeniality and solidarity.

Rising Stars Academy

Initiated in 2006, this newest leadership program is designed for first year initiates and is held in conjunction with the Presidents Academy. The Rising Stars Academy concentrates on providing attendees an opportunity to assess and develop their leadership styles and skills, in an interactive and experiential setting.

New members from across the country gather ideas they can take back to strengthen their chapters in the areas of recruitment, membership education and overall operations. In addition, team building skills are strengthened by accomplishing outdoor leadership challenges.