For Parents

Throughout the website you will find Theta Xi wants to establish an immediate connection from us to you. Theta Xi has a zero hazing policy. This is a major concern that many parents have that we want to establish directly with you. However, this a small part of our message. Theta Xi and the chapter house provides a full experience that we have broken down for you within our chapter section above. You will find our section about academics, living, and opportunities all detailed there. The All-True-Men based values are present throughout all of Theta Xi that receives our highest focus and importance. Theta Xi is ultimately a part of something your son can have for a lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Son Be Hazed?

NO! Theta Xi does not believe in hazing nor does it condone it. Theta Xi promotes leadership, team-building and brotherhood, not physical or mental harm. We believe that hazing anyone is unacceptable and completely contrary to the concept of brotherhood. In fact Theta Xi has joined with over 20 other men’s and women’s groups across America to establish a 24 hour a day hotline to anonymously report concerns for hazing at any Chapter. Our Anti-Hazing policy is here for you to view on the website.

Will Joining Theta Xi Have an Effect on My Son's Grades?

Yes! And in a good way! Theta Xi promotes a scholastic program that gives each member the opportunity to learn and excel in his field. Theta Xi recently introduced the All True Men initiative that focuses on academic excellence and leadership. We encourage each member to get involved on and off campus in the community that are related to his major and interests. Theta Xi has implemented a written scholastic program that includes minimum scholastic requirements for all members. Theta Xi will be awarding multiple scholarships throughout the academic year that are based off of academic performance, philanthropic efforts, and outstanding member awards.

Will My Son Be Molded in a Certain Way?

Theta Xi promotes a well-rounded lifestyle. If your son takes advantage of the programs that Theta Xi offers he will have the ability to grow himself not through a certain mold, but by recognizing and promoting all of his own unique strengths and abilities. Our goal is to allow your son to the best version of himself as a result of his membership in Theta Xi. Theta Xi has established a core membership education program and we have a summary available for your review.