THETA XI Member Map 

This includes all of the cities our current brothers are from!  



April 29th, 1864 at RPI in Troy, New York.

Locally Established:

February 26th, 1927


Emblem Day (Sept. 28th) and Founders’ Day (April 29th)


Azure Blue and Silver


The Unicorn


The Blue Iris


Juncti Juvant (United They Serve)

The Founding of Theta Xi

Theta Xi was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York, on April 29th, 1864, by Peter Henry Fox, Ralph Gooding Packard, Christopher Champlin Waite, George Bradford Brainerd, and Nathaniel Henry Starbuck. Minutes if the original meeting, Constitution and Ritual have been preserved by the Fraternity to this day. Our tradition is truly continuous.

The only college Fraternity founded during the civil war, Theta Xi’s roots can be traced to the RPI secret society, Sigma Delta. Sigma Delta, although a popular campus organization, suffered from internal conflict. This became evident with the resignation of one of its most prominent members, George Brainerd. In an effort to heal the problem, the members decided to have a blackball vote on all members. The voting led to the removal of all but eight members. Instead of continuing as Sigma Delta, these eight members chose to establish a completely new Fraternity: Theta Xi.